Delivering training on Incident Response and Computer Forensics

I’m writing this post while seated on a train going from Birmingham’s International Airport to Banbury, a small town located in the heart of Oxfordshire. It’s only a 40 minutes trip but I really enjoy it, especially if I have a good album to listen to (like that of The Script I’m listening now), some coffee and the nice view of the English countryside I can see through the window right now.

I come to Banbury very often, like once every two or three months, most of the times to hold meetings with my team colleagues, to support ISO 27001 audits or to conduct onsite assessments. None of those are the main purpose of my visit this time. After delivering a new one-day session on Incident Response and Computer Forensics at my employer’s European offices in Leiden (the Netherlands), Bochum (Germany) and Warrington (UK), it’s now Banbury’s turn.

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Working in Sydney: updates from “Down Under”

It’s been about a week since I arrived in Sydney and it’s passed really quickly. I headed to Sydney on Sunday, July 6, via London, and will stay here for two weeks to work on an ISO 27001 security project that will extend to beginning of 2009. The offices I’m working at, in Darling Park, are really nice, and the views over Darling Harbour simply awesome, as you can see below.

View over Darling Harbour

Now that my body is starting to recuperate from the 8 hours time difference, I’ve decided to upload a few pictures to the Photos area. There aren’t that many at the moment, but I’ll keep uploading more as I go. [Read more…]