Unix Command-Line Kung Fu

I was discussing with a friend a few weeks ago how challenging is to teach folks that come in from the exclusive Windows-world on advanced Unix topics. Yes, I mean the kind of user that ends up rebooting a Unix box after changing a conf file instead of just restarting the appropriate services 🙂 .

I’m sure those, both Unix beginners and their managers, will appreciate the following presentation I came across a few weeks ago: “Unix Command-Line Kung Fu“. It’s author, Hal Pomeranz, presented it at SANS 2008 Orlando as part of the @Night talk conferences.

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Just passed my GIAC Certified Intrusion Analyst (GCIA) exam!

GCIAYes! I’m just writing my first post from the Apple Store at Regent Street (London) to let you know that I’ve just passed my SANS GCIA exam. Indeed, I know it could have been better (scored 89%) and that I scored even more on my first GIAC exam (GCFA -Forensics Analyst- that I took on 2007), but hey, analysing large network dumps is not that easy. Anyway, another nice acronym to add to my signature 😉

By the way, I thought there was no better place to start my new blog than right from where I am. If you keep reading my blog (thanks for that) you will see there are many things I enjoy. One of those is traveling, and London is one of my favourites places, and other one is technology, specially anything related to Information Security. And yes, that includes Macs! In fact I’m currently typing in one of the new iMacs, and you know how difficult is to find a free one, if you have ever been here.

Well, let’s keep this post short for now. I’m heading to the airport to catch my flight back home. I’ll be posting here soon, so stay tuned.