Slides from my Android Forensics talk at the Symposium for Android Security in Malaga

I have just uploaded to the Papers & Presentations section the slides for my talk on “Latest Advances in Android Forensics” (in Spanish) at the 1st International Symposium for Android Security held in Malaga last week:

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Mac OS Forensics How-To: Simple RAM Acquisition and Analysis with Mac Memory Reader (Part 1) – update (and Part 2)

Part 1 of my post on Mac OS X memory acquisition and analysis has been posted at the SANS Forensics Blog. I’ll try to publish Part 2 early next week. Stay tuned!


Part 2 is published now:

Thanks for all your positive comments.

Security Onion LiveCD is now available

Security Onion ??I read in Doug Burks’ tweet that his Security Onion LiveCD is now available for download. Being a serious Sguil fan, I can’t do anything but recommend you have a look at this new live distro.

You can download it from the following location:

The following information is extracted from Doug’s Security Onion blog:

What is it?

The Security Onion LiveCD is a bootable CD that contains software used for installing, configuring, and testing Intrusion Detection Systems. [Read more…]