Lessons learnt from a severe security incident

After a week of ISO 27001 auditing in the UK and a busy week aftewards, I finally managed to get some time to read my favourite blogs. I was doing so, when I read an interesting post in the Internet Storm Center that analyses some lessons learnt from a severe incident affecting The Planet, a well known hosting provider.

Being a BSi instructor for the BS 25999 courses on Business Continuity, I find these kind of real-life examples very instructive for being used at class, although I try to to get students to talk about their own experiences as much as possible.

So have a look at The Planet outage – what can we all learn from it? and let me know your thoughts.

In the following weeks I’ll be creating a new section of my blog where I will put together a list of Business Continuity resources (among others) I can share with my students at class. So stay tuned!