Detecting Conficker: run this check now!

If you’re reading this blog I’m sure I don’t have to tell you what MS08-67 or Conficker is about (despite the fact we keep seeing many unpatched machines, but that’s a different story).

Besides that, there are plenty of rumours about a possible Conficker attack on 1st April. I know you may think it’s all hype or scaremongering, and it might well be. But, if you run a large corporate network I’m sure you don’t want to sit down and wait until 1st April to find out.

If that’s the case, you have to know that the Honeynet Project has been working on a way to detect Conficker-infected machines and that they have just released a scanner for this task. The scanner is available as a python script and as a windows .exe executable, and can be used to scan a single host or a whole network range.

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From Brussels to Amsterdam calling at London and Sydney

That’s been what I call my ‘SANS itinerary’ since I started this exciting journey back in June 2007. It all started at SANS Secure Europe, in Brussels, where I took my first SANS class with Jess Garcia, CEO of One eSecurity and a good friend of mine. It was SECURITY 508, System Forensics, Investigation & Response, an awesome track created by Rob Lee on one of the most interesting and hot topics of Information Security. It’s been almost two years since then, but now I realize the tremendous positive influence that event had in my career as a security professional.

Early on the first day, I could see that was a different kind of training, far different from all the training sessions I had attended before, including the well-known CISSP bootcamp and vendor specific training like Checkpoint‘s and others I took in the past. Unlike those, this was real hands-on training, with lots of exercises and challenges, including the use of several virtual machines and an arsenal of security tools you can take home with you. Also, the amount of material you receive throughout a 6-day course is awesome. Someone described it like “drinking directly from a fire hose”. Actually, I can’t describe it better.

Add to that a friendly, relaxed but yet professional atmosphere, and the multiple opportunities you get for both networking and sheer knowledge with attendees and instructors and you will understand why Brussels was only the start.

SANS Secure Europe 2007

With Carlos Fragoso and Richard Fadul at SANS Secure Europe 2007 in Brussels

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