Discussion on LinkedIn Group: What is the best IDS system?

LinkedIn Security Leaders GroupThat was the question recently asked by a fellow security professional on the LinkedIn Security Leaders Group.

I’m not usually very excited about posting on LinkedIn Discussion Groups. On top of that, I don’t even have the time to blog anything on my own site. However, I could not resist to write a comment on that discussion about what the best IDS system is. Not when I read the following comment:

Actually the idea of an IDS system has been obsolete for a few years now. Given the latest events in the security area, there are plenty of traffic anomalies far more advanced than relatively-simple signatures out there to deal with.

The best approach nowadays is the IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems) which would not only detect and inform IT management of the attack events but will also apply the necessary countermeasures to them. Most important of all, this must happen at wire-speed with ASIC-based systems.

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